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Wet Room Birmingham

The Birmingham Wet Room Pro design, supply and install wet rooms, walk in showers and baths. Years of experience means we deliver an exceptional quality of work.

If you are searching for a professional bathroom fitter who is an expert in the installation of these modern and practical bathrooms and then you have come to the right place.

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Birmingham Wet Room and Bathroom Installation

Meet the experts in wet room and bathroom fitting in Birmingham!

The Wet Room Pro is a professional wet room builder in Birmingham and other areas around the UK. We are one of the primary wet room specialists in the UK, and we take pride in what we do over the years.

Our philosophy lies in putting topmost consideration on our customers—the very reason for our existence. Through the years of trekking the building industry, we have worked our way to collaborate with developers, architects, engineers, and bathroom specialists so we can come up with novel solutions in bathroom trends. And we ensure that our evolution is relevant to what our customers need.

The Wet Room Pro provides first-class installation and design service. No one beats bathroom fitters whose job is to deliver the service and product in every project. What our people say is really rewarding.

We are proud of the following qualities….
  • Builds fabulous bathrooms, luxurious in every way
  • Fits wet rooms what every customer needs and wants
  • Offers a wide range of options
  • Easy to deal with, with sales staff you meet that won’t pressure you
  • A team of certified wet room builders with extensive experience in their field
  • Offers reasonable price, no ifs and buts
  • Delivers exceptional work


The Birmingham Wet Room Pro will provide a first class design and installation service!

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Follow These 4 Simple Steps For Bathroom Perfection……

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Initial Planning

On our first visit we will assess your property, talk about your ideas and start the design. Showing you the best options available

Design & Quote

Combining your idea with our experience, we will design your perfect walk in shower, keeping it to a budget to suit your needs.

Supply & Installation

Our expert fitters will craft and install your perfect bathroom. Building your vision with an immaculate finish

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Meet our Birmingham Wet Room Pros

In Birmingham, Wet Room Pro began to establish its business and expand its service as it saw the need for highly professional people that can handle the most sophisticated job when it comes to bathroom luxury.

Quaint bathrooms with fully functional features will let you admire the skill of our builders. The Wet Room Pro Birmingham team designs and installs baths and walk-in showers. Practical washrooms turned into wet rooms are the modern way to say that lifestyle change is inevitable. And from this change, customers come to the right place when they choose us! 

Our solid years in the industry of building and home improvement has acquired us the privilege to deliver our unmatched service by designing your very own wet room.

Wet rooms are modern bathrooms. Built on quality finishings, making use of first-rate materials, our wet rooms are of topnotch quality.

When Your Wet Room Becomes the Most Wanted Room in Your Home

In a typical home setup, the most sought-after room is usually the bedroom, because it is the place in the house where one can lend his privacy no matter how long one stays there. Today, bathrooms in the form of wet rooms are becoming popular due to their appealing benefits.

Modern washrooms are converted to wet rooms as they offer an exceptional advantage in many ways. The structure, the aesthetic, and especially the safety they bring are unparalleled compared to traditional bathrooms.

Free Design and Quote


Wet Room Birmingham

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Free Design and Quote

Innovate Your Walk In Shower Design

There is no limit on how our designers can retrofit your wetroom based on your need. Ironically, wet rooms are called so because they can wet the room without flooding it! Built with sloping floors, wet rooms divert water run-off to where it should go. Unlike a flat surface where wastewater can just creep anywhere, damaging the essential component of the house. But with wet rooms, it is not the case.

Water easily damages materials made of wood used for closets and drawers and can be the reason for mould buildup within the wall crevices. Electrical wirings hidden underflooring could catch up water if the design is not well waterproofed, and it could be dangerous at all costs. With wet rooms, they are specially designed to divert water and make the bathroom wall and floors waterproof, even in open space.

Modern bathrooms for modern users

A well-built lavatory is something to spend time to and enjoy every bit of your moment there. Make your bathroom time worthwhile where you can splurge water whether you have an extensive or contended space. With our wet room build expertise, we make your bathroom look modern and spacious. Enjoy a clutter-free bathroom in your new wetroom and please yourself with the quaint space you own.

Our high-end wet rooms are designed by the bright minds in the industry of building. With their expertise in such fields, they make your wetroom elegant and highly functional. What’s more? Our wet rooms are not only designed for the rich or a certain age group. With members of the family with mobility and age issues, wet rooms are safe havens because they are built free of clutter and accidents. Enjoying the amenity of open space is already a plus for seniors with limited mobility. 

How can you benefit from our wet rooms?

Now is the time to think about change. With your present traditional bathroom, we can make all things new. Property owners, just like you, are keen on converting their old bathrooms into wet rooms. Sometimes, the project goes together with home renovation. If you cannot afford it all, why not bathroom renovation?

Your wetroom project becomes our endeavour. And from this undertaking, we are proud to tell you that it is a great privilege serving another household in town!

Increase the value of your home and enjoy its new look by adding that extra appeal in your beautiful bathroom. Impress your guests and show them how you benefit from this first-class project. As for us, we go the extra mile to make sure that everything is done perfectly and see to it that our people will work above their par.

With a newly installed wet room, you experience the following:

  • Spacious and cleaner washroom
  • Useful drains that efficiently flush water
  • High-quality flooring materials or surface safe from quick damage
  • Excellent architectural design
  • Underflooring insulation

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Save tons of money from future repairs because your wetroom will serve you for many years freeing you from stressful hassles. Delight your eyes and your family with our various architectural designs to save your space as well. Choosing the precise materials, the right builders, and the perfect wet room company, you get the best project in your home improvements.

Book your project now. Let our contractors talk to you and engage into a fruitful undertaking by letting us build your wet room here in Birmingham.

Whether you have decided or have queries that need immediate answers, we are just a call away. Reach out to us, and we will be more than delighted to talk to you or meet you.

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