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Wet Room Plymouth

The Plymouth Wet Room Pro design, supply and install wet rooms, walk in showers and baths. Years of experience means we deliver an exceptional quality of work.

If you are searching for a professional bathroom fitter who is an expert in the installation of these modern and practical bathrooms and then you have come to the right place.

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Plymouth Wet Room and Bathroom Installation

Walk in shower rooms are the newest bathroom design, and they are widely classified as luxury bathrooms. When installing a Wet room Plymouth residents are finding it one of  the most innovative ways to design your bathroom and to add value to your home.

Essentially they are a barrier-free bathroom. These clever spaces are  free from barriers, are spacious and elegant, and help provide a more comfortable bathing experience. They are free from edges and trays that can be cause of accidents and falls in the bathroom.

These incredible washrooms are bathrooms with a sleek and modern look, which allow more room for movement. Not only are they a popular choice for people with certain disabilities, there aesthetic appeal helps classify the room as high-end. Luxury modern housebuilds are now deploying this style because of the way they provide a number of advantages for modern-day living.

Walk in shower rooms are popular in Plymouth UK, because they are a perfect bathroom transformation for homes with limited spaces. These washrooms are typically built with a shower, a space designed to get wet, with less clutter from typical sink and toilet structure, and with a freestanding tub. Other  designs have glass enclosure to avoid wetting toiletries and bathroom shelves.

Since they are typically called “wet” rooms, the entire bathroom area is expected to get soaked from water splashes during shower. With this concept, designers have come up with a smart solution to keep the floors and walls of the interior installed with water-proof materials.

The Plymouth Wet Room Pro will provide a first class design and installation service!

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Combining your idea with our experience, we will design your perfect walk in shower, keeping it to a budget to suit your needs.

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Free Design and Quote


Wet Room Plymouth

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Free Design and Quote

Innovate Your Walk In Shower Design

Trust only the pros when it comes to your bathroom makeover. The Plymouth Wetroom Pro is ready to build the newest trend in your bathroom and shower needs. We are here to install or renovate these specialist bathrooms to your liking.

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Work of  Professional Bathroom Fitters

Professional builders, architects and designers, are required for walk in shower design if you choose to convert a conventional bathroom. Our team will think about the  overall layout of your washroom space, using our extansice knowledge and experience we know what materials to use to make your the area waterproof and resilient to future damage.

Our trusted builders and professionals ensure that your project is just what you deserve. Sophisticated customers expect the best outcome when it comes to their personal choices on home improvement.

Advantages of Walk In Shower Plymouth

  • Perfect for small bathroom spaces
  • Highly stylish and appeal to modern-day architecture, with sophisticated to luxurious look
  • Increase your home or property’s value
  • With less clutter, walk in showers look cleaner and are actually easier to clean
  • Protects the floor and walls from water leakage
  • Easy, safe access for the elderly and people with disabilities

Waterproofing and water drainage

Building a spa like experience project is a professional’s job. Our bathroom installation company is complete with certified builders to carry out your washroom project. As professionals in this field, the company understands the need to deliver and display excellent craftsmanship and that the customer expects the most efficient output with their finished build.

Builders from our company ensure that water proofing is perfectly achieved and water drainage keeps the wastewater constricted to where it should flow.

To make the flooring waterproofed, a sub-floor is laid before having it tiled. The tiles serve as the topmost layer which will help route the water to where it should go. Once the first layer of the walls and floor are tanked, it is then easier to place the tiles on. For better dripping, it is smart to raise the wet room door few millimeters higher to prevent water from flowing in the dry area of the room in case the drain is blocked.

It is best to choose non-porous materials for the top floor layer, such as porcelain or ceramic tiles. This is to prevent quick damage from broken seals and penetration of water that may easily corrode highly porous materials.

Flooring installation is of utmost importance to keep it from getting slippery due to the use of non-suitable gradients. Water puddles that collect due to poor flooring make the flooring highly slippery, which is dangerous to falls and accidents, especially to elderly and family members with disabilities.

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