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Wet Room Exeter

The Exeter Wet Room Pro design, supply and install wet rooms, walk in showers and baths. Years of experience gives us an unmatched advantage and very highly quality finishing

If you require for a bathroom professional who is an expert in the fitting of these modern and practical washrooms and then you have come to the right place.

Our team of experts is just a call away for FREE ADVICE , DESIGN and QUOTE


Exeter Wet Room Fitters and Bathroom Installation

Your reliable builder offers you the latest trend in all your shower needs. Have the freedom of converting your bathroom space and tank it up with our personalised line of wet room installation; from plumbing to waterproofing and tiling. We fix from bottom up, we renovate, we install, and we perfect.

Our friendly tradesmen are happy to assist you. We are a just a call away.

Reach out to us at 01752 605967

Our top-notch builders perform only on industry’s standards. Our architects, designers, and certified plumbers have profound knowledge and skill in the field they have chosen. They provide only what exemplifies satisfaction and convenience

Converting your shower and toilet into luxury bathrooms is one way of showing your vanity when it comes to home design. Wet rooms are innovative solutions to converting your bath place which typically adds great value to your property.

.Make your space beautiful enough to satisfy your needs and desires, let Exeter Wet Room Pro deliver it for you.

Bathroom builders in Exeter continuously offer you the value you can get from a new room makeover. Our designers and architects are delighted to contribute on the preferred layout while our plumbers will work their way to systematically install piping, drains, floor layers, insulation materials, waterproofing materials, bathroom accessories such as showerheads, faucets, toilet, sink, bath tub, and tiles.


The Exeter Wet Room Pro will provide a first class design and installation service!

Free Design and Quote

Follow These 4 Simple Steps For Bathroom Perfection……

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Talk to us, get some advice and book in your free visit and consultation. We cover all of Exeter and neighbouring areas

Initial Planning

On our first visit we will assess your property, talk about your ideas and start the design. Showing you the best options available

Design & Quote

Combining your idea with our experience, we will design your perfect walk in shower, keeping it to a budget to suit your needs.

Supply & Installation

Our expert fitters will craft and install your perfect bathroom. Building your vision with an immaculate finish

Free Design and Quote – Call Us Today – 01752 905967

Free Design and Quote


Wet Room Exeter

Here is what people are saying about our Walk in Shower fitters in Exeter


Free Design and Quote

Make Your Wash Room the Most Sought After Place in the House

Modern wash rooms are built with sloping floors, just intended to let the wastewater flow towards the drain faster. The room is designed to get wet all over, but it doesn’t have to be time to put away woody materials and electrical gadgets that should be out of water.

Bathroom accessories can be left around as most wet rooms have a glass enclosure to keep the water confined in the shower. Our designers will make sure it is practical. But you have the option not to place the glass enclosure if you need it to be an open space.

In the UK, commercial spaces and residential homes alike are becoming more inclined to convert their traditional bathrooms. They have seen the appealing finish and the countless benefits in terms of structure, aesthetics, and safety these modern rooms bring. Whether your space is limited, it is no hindrance to succumb to the demands of modern living.

Modern Bathroom Fitters in Exeter

Splurge water whenever you want to all over your well-built lavatory. Whether you crave for wider space or contended for a smaller space, we make your bathroom look spacious and modern. For this is where intentions go—to fulfill your space, make your bath room free from clutter, enjoy every bit of a movement and spare time, while keeping yourself fresh all the time.

Looking spacious with a limited space, it is the expertise of our builders to intensify it with elegant designs meant to please your liking. Your high-end room performing like a spa is not for purely aesthetic purposes; it is meant for our customers to enjoy while being safe and secured during use. Having family members with known mobility issues, elderly people who constantly need our guidance, our wet rooms are perfect for them to be free from accidents and falls because of the amenity of a wider space to move about.

How Can Our Customer Benefit with Walk in Shower Installation

Property owners are keen on increasing the value of their home by adding architectural projects with the highest appeal among new owners. However, such a benefit does not stand alone. Our converted bathrooms have their major benefits to share.

What are these?

  •         Have a larger, wider, and cleaner rooms
  •         Floors have drains that are built to efficiently flush waste water
  •         Floor materials are impermeable from quick degradation
  •         Perfectly suited for homes with limited spaces intended for toilet and bath
  •         Highly appealing with the application of the latest trend in interior design and architecture
  •         Floor and wall materials are protected from mould buildup
  •         Under layers provide insulation
  •         Water proofing prevents quick damage of walls and floors

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Waterproofing and water drainage by our men

Let the pros in Exeter handle your stylish bathroom project. We offer a wide variety of options as we believe that home improvement should never settle on one idea alone. Let your mind work freely and build from there according to what pleases your eyes. All we want is for you to be safe, convenient, and happy.

What’s the use of your newly built washroom if it cannot perform its purpose? Bathroom projects like these have a sophisticated way of building. First, the floor materials to be used are non-porous. You can choose either ceramic or porcelain tiles. These are non-slippery materials and are therefore safe to use. Besides, they are highly water resistant.

Water can quickly penetrate with even a small crack on tiles or top floor layers. Choosing the correct floor surface can save you money on future repairs.

Book Your Project Now

We at Exeter Wet Room Pro execute our contract for your bathroom makeover. We pride ourselves to have a team of contractors who are certified in their chosen industry and that they fully understand their commitment to come up with their craftsmanship patterned after the most respected builders in town. As our token of loyalty, we don’t want to disappoint.

Reach us out in Exeter or fill the form below. Allow us to prove to you what true craftsmanship means and let you experience our exemplary service. Don’t worry, our craftsmen are certified and licensed builders are recognised in home improvement, and they do their job just the way you expect them to be.

Bathroom Contractors in Exeter

Exeter which can be found in the southwest of England derived its name from the River Exe which meant “water” according to the Brittonic name and “ceaster”, and English suffix referring to fortresses. Hence, Exeter is one of the fortresses of England with rich historical stories. Exeter is the city where Exeter Cathedral and Exeter University are found.

Exeter stood the test of time. Having witnessed many centuries of occupation and recognition, Exeter is sprawled on the northeast of Plymouth and southwest of Bristol. Rich in religious heritage and commerce in the Middle Ages, Exeter is now a centre of tourism and modern business in Cornwall.

Taking advantage of modernity and lustrous life, the Exeter Wet Room Pro believes that every person deserves to live a full life. Modern architecture amidst old edifice with solid foundations and adorned with novel lifestyle, houses in villages, and commercial buildings can experience the benefits of wet rooms.

Standing up to its name, Exeter, bathroom projects by the Pros are perfect for homeowners who want to lavish their homes with fine architecture that benefits everyone.